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December 17, 2005
Impersonating the Taxman
FiveCentNickel has a post about an IRS phishing scheme in which a person/group from Italy sends a convincing-looking email alerting you to a new on-line service from the IRS to track the status of your tax refund. The problem of course is that it's a fake! If you go to the fake web site you are asked to provide your name, social security number and credit card info.

As FCN points out, the timing seems a bit strange, but I'm sure this email will be quite common in April and May '06.

Take some time and learn how to limit your risk of identity theft:

While you're at it, why don't you protect your postal carrier's back, save some trees and reduce your risk of identity theft by asking the credit reporting companies to stop selling your name and the Direct Marketing Association to take your name off the junkmail lists.

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