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January 21, 2006
Free Tax Preparation Software
H&R Block, TaxACT and the IRS are offering free standard-edition federal tax preparation software. In states with income taxes, use the data from the Federal return to prepare the state return manually.

H&R Block TaxCut Standard - Federal edition only (the optional State add-on costs $24.99 - the price of TaxCut Deluxe + State.)

TaxACT Standard - Federal edition only (the optional State add-on costs $12.95.) This includes a free e-file.

The IRS has a list of companies that offer free online tax preparation and e-filing for taxpayers with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $50,000 or less. The list includes TaxCut and TurboTax.

If you need State software or the features from the Deluxe edition, you can work it out to get the TaxCut software for only a few dollars after rebates. Here's how it's done:
  1. Order TaxCut Deluxe + State for $29.99 ($19.99 after price match/coupon code)
  2. Order Microsoft Money Deluxe 2006 for $39.94 (free after rebate)
  3. Order Cosmi Perfect Attorney for $19.99 (free after rebate)
  4. Enter coupon code 61959 ($5 off)
  5. Contact Staples customer service (preferably via online chat or phone) to request price match with Target ($19.99) [Note: Tell them that the software is available in your local store so they shouldn't deduct shipping.]
  6. Complete the rebate forms for TaxCut, Money, and Perfect Attorney
You don't need to buy both MS Money and Perfect Attorney, but if the total is over $50.00, shipping is free. The final price is approximately $18.00 and you'll receive a $10.00 (after January 21) or $15.00 (through January 21) Staples gift card.

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