A Financial Revolution 

January 26, 2006
Mortgage Insurance? Fuggedaboutit!
During that exciting evening ritual of going through the stack of junk mail (there was a bank statement mixed in to make it interesting), I skimmed a letter offering insurance for my mortgage. The insurance would pay off my mortgage if I die and make payments if I'm disabled. Is this a good deal? Nope. I took a look at my paycheck and noticed my employer's life and disability insurance plans are cheaper. I would expect the same would be true for life and disability insurance through a private plan. In addition to the lower cost, the money from life and disability insurance can be used to pay any expenses (e.g., food, utilities, credit cards), not only the mortgage.

Let's add that letter to the pile in the recycling bin...

The About network has a FAQs page on disability insurance and TMF has an insurance center with several good articles.

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