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March 02, 2006
Free USB Drive from Microsoft
Microsoft wants to teach you about software licensing and they're willing to give you a free USB drive as part of the training. If you surf on over to their Mystery Solved page, you can register for a free USB drive (no info on size) that includes FAQs, a Windows licensing guide, product info, and other resources.

After you diligently read all the materials on the drive, simply erase the files and you have yourself a handy portable storage device.

Anonymous Jeremy said...

You'll be asked to take a short "quiz", but you don't need to answer correctly. If you want the correct answers, they are as follows:

Q1. How many ways are there to obtain a full Microsoft® Windows® Desktop license?
Answer: 2

Q2: Volume License Agreements cover Windows® Desktop operating system upgrades only.
Answer: True

Q3: OEM operating system licenses are non-transferable.
Answer: True

Q4: The most cost-effective way to acquire an initial, full underlying Windows® Desktop license is preinstalled.
Answer: True

3/02/2006 12:26 PM  

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