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March 15, 2006
Warehouse Sale on Investment Books
I was going through my email and noticed a sale announcement for Investment Advisor. They are having an online warehouse sale on finance and investing books. The shipping isn't great ($4 for the first item and $1.79 for each additional item), but some of the books are priced as low as $0.89.

I have read and can recommend the following titles:

10808: Smart Money Decisions ($1.14)
84366: The SmartMoney Guide to Long-Term Investing: How to Build Real Wealth for Retirement and Other Future Goals ($0.99)
8044: Smart Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisers ($1.14)


Anonymous bcfran said...

Thanks for pointing this out... they are also offering free shipping on orders over $69. I bought about 30 books for $70 and got the free shipping. I am going to resell a bunch of them on EBay.

3/18/2006 2:46 PM  

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