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April 10, 2006
Carnival of Investing #17
Welcome to the 17th Carnival of Investing, direct from China. The Carnival presents an opportunity for bloggers to share their best recent posts on investing. If you’re interested in contributing a post to the next carnival, you can use the form at Blog Carnival or Conservative Cat.

Let me also welcome you to A Financial Revolution. The posts on this site discuss saving, investing, and spending wisely. Please check out the posts on Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs), going private transactions, and royalty trusts.

Due to limited Internet access in China, I was not able to read all the posts, so I have provided the description from the submitter. Next week's carnival will be hosted by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. And now, on to the posts…

Luigi at Centrerion: Canadian Politics presents Allah EconomicsAn analysis of the outcome of the Islamic Capitalist experiment.

Jason at Investor Geeks presents a Book Review of Jim Cramer’s Real Money
A review of Jim Cramer's popular book Real Money. Jason declares it a good read for new and experienced investors

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents Trade With Your Head, Not Your Heart
Jeffrey at Personal Finance Advice presents Survivor Bias - What Investment Managed Funds Are Hiding
Survivor Bias" makes managed funds appear to have better returns than they actual have

Amanda at Young and Broke presents Places to Keep Your Money
After you've got your emergency funds, here are some options for starting out as a saver/investor (including bonds, index funds and stocks)

Kirk at the Investimist describes Rebalancing My Portfolio

Jose at Stocks for Me presents Coca Cola’s Director’s Pay
How Coca Cola Director's foiled the investors by making them believe they tied their compensation to company performance -- just after giving themselves a 40% raise.

LAMoneyGuy at It’s Just Money presents Is Investing Risky? What is Risk?
Many think of investing as risky, but what, exactly, is risk?

Tom at "D"igital Breakfast presents Sun Tzu and the Art of Buying or Making a Sandwich
Is it cheaper to brown bag your lunch versus buying it at work? Here are the results of a little bit of detective work.

Trapier of Hayek, MD presents The Role of Entrepreneurship in Society
The post explains how advanced financial systems and entrepreneurship in medicine are making us all richer, healthier, and, most importantly, freer.

FMF of Free Money Finance presents 15 Questions to Ask Discount BrokersComment on (and rant about) E*Trade.

Big Cajun Man of Canadian Financial Stuff presents the Best Financial Advice Ever Given
Sometimes you have to take your time, even in investing, and this "parable" espouses those thoughts.

2Retire At 50 presents How to Live from 50 to 59 ½
This is the investment plan 2R@50 laid out to try and retire at 50.

Dan at Searchlight Crusade presents Leverage - Making a Decent Investment Spectacular

ML at Investing the Middle Way presents An All ETF Asset Allocation Portfolio
This post reviews the performance of a diversified 8-ETF portfolio that returned 8% in the past 7 months.

Bill at Ask Uncle Bill presents You, Inc.
At this time of the year we are all looking to reduce taxes. Reduce your taxes and stick it the Man by starting your own company.

Fred at Fred Fry International presents Are Brokers Screwing Stockholders?
The mess that is Short Selling.

1mill_by_35 at The Net Worth Blog presents Big Discounts to Intrinsic Value Don't Always Mean Big Alpha

Loi at Investing Guide presents Signed up for CFA 10th Annual Career Development Expo.

Steve at My Personal Finance Blog presents I Bond interest rates won’t be as attractive in May
Many of us have invested in I Bonds because of the great 6.73% (or higher) rates which started in November 2005. The next interest rate update will likely not be so nice.

Mike at Mover Mike presents An Insurance Policy for Your Family
Usually investors buy gold when they're worried - about inflation, the value of the dollar, the stability of the markets, or geopolitical events.

Richard at Firevalt Blog - Personal finance and entrepreneurship presents Grassroots lending and borrowing

mbhunter at Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Melt value
Some examples of how to calculate this important value-indicating number.

Tom at Financial Options presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for April 10-14, 2006
A roundup of scheduled economic and financial indicators, Treasury notices and auctions and select earnings reports for the coming week.

George at Fat Pitch Financials presents Magic Formula Ranking Using Portfolio123
Fat Pitch Financials uses Portfolio123 to recreate the Magic Formula stock ranking system.

Steven at The Japan Stock Blog presents Inside the Minds of Japanese Investors
A look at a survey of Japanese individual investors by Nomura Securities. Nomura's survey provides more evidence that those already holding positions in larger-cap Japanese equities are well-positioned.

Moneywise at The Real Returns presents Balanced/Hybrid Fund Performance
With the balanced fund performance, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Abnormal Returns at Abnormal Returns presents Natural hedges
With the risk of higher oil prices this summer looming we discuss how a well-designed portfolio can provide a "natural hedge" against the higher costs of driving.

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave comments.

Anonymous Tom said...


Thanks for hosting this week!

Tom @ dbreakfast.com

4/10/2006 11:11 AM  

Anonymous Bill said...


Thanks for doing the carnival. Appreciate it.


4/12/2006 8:34 PM  

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